Dental Crowns Bridges Northbrook Illinois

Dental Bridges in Northbrook IL

Dr. Schlesinger believes that a conservative treatment is the best option to restore a damaged or decayed tooth, however, when a tooth is very badly damaged or decayed a crown may be required.  A crown is a restoration that completely covers all of the visible parts of a tooth above the gum line.  It returns the tooth to its normal size and shape, while improving the strength of the tooth.  Most crowns today are made either partially or completely out of porcelain.  The porcelain is made to match the shade of the adjacent teeth and improves the appearance of the tooth. Dental Crowns in Northbrook, IL are now available at the office of Dr. Edwin Schlesinger.

Crowns can be used to restore a tooth that has already broken, one that is severely worn, or to cover a tooth that has a large filling and insufficient tooth structure remaining.  They are also used to cover a dental implant which replaces a missing tooth.  In many cases, crowns are used to make a cosmetic improvement.   A crown is the strongest and longest lasting restoration available for a damaged or unsightly tooth and by using special laboratories, Dr. Schlesinger can create a dental crown in Northbrook, IL that looks just like your natural tooth...or better.


Dental Bridges in Northbrook


Dental Bridges in Northbrook